Young City Reading 2020 Magazine: Personality

Lviv UNESCO City Of Literature Office
Print design
May 4th, 2021

The «Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature» Office has been in existence since 2015 and is based in the City Palace of Culture named after Hnat Hotkevich. The office is a team of cultural managers who are responsible for the promotion and project support of the title "UNESCO City of Literature" at the local, national and international levels. The team's tasks also include communication with and reporting to UNESCO for the title granted to the city. In fact, the Office "Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature" is an institution that contributes to the implementation and development of the strategy declared in the application for the title, and is an intermediary between the city authorities and the literary environment.


The 2020 Young City Reading magazine is the start of a series of publications by the Lviv UNESCO City of Literature Office, which promotes young poets, writers, and in subsequent editions, comic artists and illustrators, literary critics, giving them the opportunity to express themselves at events and on the pages of the magazine. The 2020 magazine is an introductory publication that tells the story of the Character.
According to our plan, in the discussions and discussions with the office, the figure is a key image and personification of Lviv, as the capital of literature. Since a city is created by personalities, it is usually logical - every city is proud of its figures, but in the case of Lviv - figures are key, the entire infrastructure of the city rests on them. When a certain personality leaves, the structure dies with it. This can be said about Marek Ivashyshyn and Dzyga, here we can talk about Yevhen Gulevich, we can also talk about the founders of Fredra 6.1 gallery, when people lose personal motivation, or when we lose people, initiatives go away. So the Office of the UNESCO City of Literature deals with preserving the memory of figures, and thus tells the literary history of the city, and at the same time helps young figures to develop. Therefore, the magazine «Reading the young city» is a tool for the promotion of young authors.
Illustrations for the magazine are a comic about a young author, who enters a dark room, turns on the light, and thus his shadow falls on a sheet of paper - colors, fills this sheet, gives it meaning. This is a metaphor related to the emergence of artists. Usually, young authors remain invisible to the public for a long time, this is a project about their emergence.
In this magazine, we work with black and white printing, using color in the comics area. The print is made on textured, yellowish Creamy papers that create a nice vintage bow.