Young City Reading 2020 Magazine: Personality

Lviv UNESCO City Of Literature Office
Print design
February 17th, 2022

The «Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature» Office has been in existence since 2015 and is based in the City Palace of Culture named after Hnat Hotkevich. The office is a team of cultural managers who are responsible for the promotion and project support of the title "UNESCO City of Literature" at the local, national and international levels. The team's tasks also include communication with and reporting to UNESCO for the title granted to the city. In fact, the Office "Lviv - UNESCO City of Literature" is an institution that contributes to the implementation and development of the strategy declared in the application for the title, and is an intermediary between the city authorities and the literary environment.


The magazine of the Young City Reading project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stanislaw Lem, a Polish science fiction writer. The magazine became part of an international project in cooperation with the Polish Institute in Ukraine. The activity included a multi-layered project, including the painting of murals in Katowice and Lviv, united by the concept of 100 years of eternity, under Stanislav Lem's motto: We don't need other planets, we need mirrors.
The illustrative component of the magazine continues the line of figures specified in the first version of the branding for the Office of the UNESCO City of Literature Lviv. Thus, the central object became a mirror and a window from Stanislav Lem's apartment, which he mentions in his memoirs. The idea to use the window as a symbol arose in conversations with Bohdana Brylynska, the director of the office; in the process of developing the illustrative component, this idea grew in additional contexts. First of all, there were parallels with the mirror and the distortion of space-time in the context of black holes and parallel worlds. In the illustration, the figure looks at himself in the mirror, but in reality he looks into a parallel world - into the future, that is, intertemporal communication takes place through the illustration.
Such layering of space-time is also present in the printed materials themselves. The cover of the magazine and the advertising brochures of the project expanded to A4 size form an endless seamless pattern, bottom and top, past and future form a single canvas, again through time.
After all, the brochure and the magazine do not physically intersect in time. Brochures are made and distributed long before the magazine appears, they can be in one place only by a miracle, because usually such brochures have a very short life. The magazines were published in a rather limited edition and were distributed throughout Ukraine and the world, while brochures were distributed only at the Book Arsenal in Kyiv. Only by chance can these two parallel worlds meet.
Part of the project is also an installation of 100 mirrors placed around the space where the mural appeared by Serhiy and Vitaly Grekh.