Alberto Lysy Festiva Square Magazine

International Symphony Orchestra Lviv
Print design
Communication strategy
April 25th, 2019

The figure of Albert Lysy is little known, so it was necessary to collect his pattern, literally, piece by piece. In this way, we built the branding of the festival mainly on the basis of quotes from an old interview of Albert Lysy, excerpts of which were posted on YouTube, in fact, this is the so-called found footage approach, or plandrophonics.


Therefore, in communication, we started from the most important quote by Lysy, in our opinion, about the freedom of the artist. «To be an artist is to be free and to have freedom of expression». A simple phrase, but it contains the whole essence of artistic activity. But this phrase may seem dreamy, somewhat utopian, in general, the interview with Lysy is filled with bright positive thoughts that may seem dreamy.
Hence the choice of a bold ancestral color.
Since the essence of the project is to compile the image of Albert Lysy, the main image is a kind of collage, a puzzle that we put together from the fragments of the story about him. This context is also present in the logo of the festival - it is also human heads, it is the head of a violin with pegs, it is also a puzzle.
The festival brochure is quite pragmatic, as it contains quite a lot of text and its cost had to be limited, but our task was to fill the brochure with elegant images despite the limited number of pages, here we chose B&W graphics that work in contrast with the bold pink color. It follows from Lysy's biography that his creative method was precisely also contrasting.
On the cover, you can notice a philological play with bilingualism and the letter «g», which is important for the Ukrainian language, «PROҐRAM/A» contains a Cyrillic version and a Latin name.