Your Comfort Zone

Yoki - Asian Foor Restaurant
Communication Strategy
Feburary 1th, 2021

YOKI is an asian food restaurant chain. They are specialized on pan-asian food, not especially chinese, or japaneese. YOKI are on the market more than ten years.


Yoki Lviv is an luxury asian foor restaurant? located near the city center. We recieved an request to prepare some pror campaign to the openning of the restaurant. Lviv is a small tourist city in West Ukraine. So the goot thing is, economycally we are developed and the city is evolving, mostely because of tourist flow and because of digital technology companies, which are located in Lviv. We tried to determine the pains of lviv citisens and locals, because YOKI is mostely focussed on locals, not the tourist. And the city in generall is not happy with the tourist flow, this situation is similar in this kind of cities, like Barcelona, Krakow. Prague, where the market is highly dependent from the tourist flow. So the bigest pain for the locals are huge amounts of tourists in the city center, in restaurant, in pubs and so on. Actually it is really difficult to reach the destination if you have to cross the Old Town.
So we took the bigest pain of Lviv local citisen and made it to the story. Every citisen needs to develop super abilities tjust to eat the lunch. The office worker just recieved a mission impossible, he needs to reach the restaurant for his lunch. He goes uot, theres's alot people on the street, he moves fast, but this is not enough, so suddenly he starts to jump over the heads, it turn out - he is an tracer. So he avoids moving sculptures, mascots, crowd and finally he reaches the restaurant, where he finds out, that people are sitting, talking and eating in peace.
The thing was not only to show the restaurant and interior, but also to show amazing architecture of Lviv city, nice streets, and to shoot the commercial in some action movie style to make it more interesting to watch.


As a part of communication campaign we also made an luxury personal hand made invitation with the simple message on it "Your comfort zone" and the date of openning. The idea was to construct the atmosphere of the spy movie, where all the guests are invited personally. Every invitation was given to the person personally by the actress in geisha look.