Borys Firtsak ukrainian painter and scenografer. Firtsak works as a architecture and movie production designer. His main artistic topics are portraits and still lifes.

The Plot

Documentary about Borys Firtsak is telling the story of the painter trough the reminiscenceі and voices of his friends - other painters and designers, especially from the artistic group BZ Art. Trough the personality and personal story of Borys Firtsak we also are discovering the world of art life in Kyiv and Lviv 70's-90's. Among others we met Oleh Tistol, Olane Pryduvalova, Genyk Ravskyi, Oleksandr Diachenko, Oleksii Bieliusenko. We have the possibility with the help of Mykhailo Kulivnyk to take a look at the financial aspect of art life, trough the art business and art collecting. The most interesting part is the polemics betwean Genyk Ravski and Oleksii Bieliusenko about the true nature of art. Art critics Diana Klochko and Olena Zhyvkova are analysing the art of Borys Firtsak trough the context of ukrainian and european art directions.