Stilsko hill-fort is a early medieval construction presumably of VII-X century which covered 250 ha. Complex is represented today by remains of 10km constructions. This settlement may be bound with the ancient tribes of White Croats.


Or team had the task to make two promo movies for Stilsko hill-fort. Stilsko is a place with an history, but it is poorly researched. The first expedition was established in 80-90, under the direction of Orest Korchynski, but till now there is no specific information about all objects located in this area. So we made an expedition to Stilsko. Deuring the expedition we discovered, that first so to say grassroots expedition was made by local entusiast and archeologist Vasyl Deresh. Deresh remembers tradional legends and tails abot the magic of Stilsko, about ancient gods. His mother was telling him those stories, when he was a little boy. After he became a student, he made an cartographical expedition and so apers the firs one map of Stilsko.
The story of Vasyl Deresh was the main base for the plot of Habitat movie. During our shoting days we have meet some locals, so we colected their stories, and alltogether with some ancient legends they made the second part of the plot. The thing is for now scientists have several theories about the origin of mystic object near Stilske. Some of them can be related to pre-christian cults, Orest Korchynski connects it to White Croats, mainly because of the recall on White Croats by Constantine Flavius in his "De administrando imperio" and in other Arabic-Persian and Byzantine written sources.
As the documentary is mainly focused on the photo residency which was the part of the project, and on the presentation of all team members, the promo movie itself we decided to shoot more like the mystical action thriller. We meet the Little Deresh (Oleg Drykov), which as a little kid is meeting heroes from legends - dancing girls (Nadiya Horudko and her team), which are taking part in their mystical rhiituals, presumably those are Croats itself, we are telling the story of girl called Chyma. As we know from the legend chyma was killed by invadors, after she came from the fort in search for the water, it is how Stilsko was ruined and burned. Chyma also is personificating the Nature. For us iit was important to make this periphrase, because today the teritory of Stilsko is being ruined by sand mines, so Chyma is being metaphorycally killed in ancient times, and so it is being killed today. We didn't have the opportunity to show violance in this movie, so death should have been shown as poetically as possible. In the legend Chyma was beheaded, an we used this metaphor, we are chowing the falling ball of thread, which Little Deresh founds in the woods, so the thread takes him to one of the caves, where he meets goddess Rozanycia, slavic analogy to Gaia, goddess of the Earth and birth. She is "planting the seed" in his mind to start his research.