Lviv International Symphony Orchestra Showcase 2016 Magazine

International Symphony Orchestra Lviv
Print design
Communication design
December 8th, 2016

The Lviv International Symphony Orchestra is one of the best exponents of the fact that the Ukrainian cultural product is worthy of world recognition, and this is constantly evidenced by its cooperation with world-famous musicians and conductors. The quality of the music and high craftsmanship are the defining factors that distinguish it and, ultimately, provide flexibility in the choice of repertoire: from classical to jazz, from opera to musicals and popular music. This attracts soloists with world names who have successfully performed in INSO-Lviv concert programs, as well as conductors with whom the orchestra has a fruitful and successful cooperation. The Orchestra has its long history, starting from the 90's as the international project and developed today into the professional Ukrainian orchestra which is taking huge part in the social and cultural life of Lviv city and Ukraine.


The 2016 INSO orchestra magazine is a creative communication strategy aimed at creating an international network of supporters and friends of the orchestra. There was a need to make an essence, an extract of the orchestra's projects in a kind of portfolio format, however, not a list of projects, but personal stories of key people involved in each project. Thus, the magazine is a series of quotations and prologues of the main events and repertoire of the orchestra. The magazine performs an image function - it shows the names who collaborated with the orchestra - soloists, conductors, but also indicates the repertoire, which is important for foreign impresarios and event organizers.
The magazine also includes a CD with the orchestra's performance, you can check the quality of the music performed by the INSO orchestra by listening to the CD.
In addition to the main branding canvas of orchestras, we have developed a list of images, artefact images that have communicative power. One of these images is a paper dove in the origami technique, which is similar to low poly, such a dove is a metaphor for international democracy and openness of the orchestra, its role as a mouthpiece of Ukrainian culture abroad. It was this image that became the key to the cover of Inso magazine. Every detail matters.
In printing, we use experimental techniques, so in the magazine of 2016 there are several printing tricks that make this fool interesting and unexpected - this is a large photo of the orchestra, which is revealed in a panorama and is folded inside, as well as a game with color and an accent on the red page.