Lviv International Symphony Orchestra Showcase 2017 Magazine

International Symphony Orchestra Lviv
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October 17th, 2017

The Lviv International Symphony Orchestra is one of the best exponents of the fact that the Ukrainian cultural product is worthy of world recognition, and this is constantly evidenced by its cooperation with world-famous musicians and conductors. The quality of the music and high craftsmanship are the defining factors that distinguish it and, ultimately, provide flexibility in the choice of repertoire: from classical to jazz, from opera to musicals and popular music. This attracts soloists with world names who have successfully performed in INSO-Lviv concert programs, as well as conductors with whom the orchestra has a fruitful and successful cooperation. The Orchestra has its long history, starting from the 90's as the international project and developed today into the professional Ukrainian orchestra which is taking huge part in the social and cultural life of Lviv city and Ukraine.


Inso Magazine 2017 is the second edition of the final portfolio of the Inso Orchestra, which presents the opinions and quotes of key conductors, soloists and musicians who collaborated with the Orchestra. After the success of the first edition in 2016, the Inso Orchestra decided to continue the tradition of publishing magazines. In this edition, we have adopted a more refined design and identity convention.
There are several key distinguishing markers here - page numbering is done using cubes of several sizes. Small cubes are units, large ones are tens, so on each page in the numbering places, a corresponding pattern is used - the placement of cubes is arbitrary and corresponds to the principle of human-centric randomization. In terms of additional experimental tricks, there are two polygraphic tricks used in this edition. Kshesimir Dembski, the Polish conductor, sent us his feedback in written form - a scanned sheet of A4 paper, accordingly, we printed the original text translated in cursive on a transparent film, through which the English translation and photo of Dembski can be seen. We used a similar technique for Simon Camartin quote. In this case, we resort to the principle of a polygraphic tab of a smaller size, which covers part of the author's photo.
This is the first magazine in which we use the practice of using full-page photos, and in the future this practice will be end-to-end for printing.
I believe that the photo should be presented in an uncompromising way, filling the entire page of the printed product, only in this way the photo works and it is possible to feel its entire atmosphere, no division, you frames do not make sense here, because they impoverish the representative characteristics of the photo.
The cover of this magazine - was planned as a layering of laser-cut paper appliqué-style painted leaves of colored paper, and for mass production this type of printing was impractically expensive, so we repeated this effect in saturated rotary printing, with selective varnishing, the image of the rainbow illustration itself is on on the deep graphite background, for which we use matte lamination, this way the contrast game is controlled and both layers radiate their artistic essence even brighter and more clearly.
The magazine also includes a CD with selected compositions for impresarios and interested listeners.
The magazine was used for promotion in European tours.