Peck & Burl

Peck & Burl
UX/UI: Web Design
November 01th, 2020

The Peck&Burl brand is high-quality certified Company for Wooden Flooring productionIn conversations about the Peck&Burl brand, we have repeatedly heard the phrase "the beauty of a tree" and know that the brand is socially responsible and cares about compliance with the standards of deforestation. The main message of the Peck&Burl brand is unity with nature. The life cycle of a tree, which organically brings a piece of the forest into the house. It is this unity with the forest that is key in communication with the client. Ecological purity, naturalness, simplicity, rusticity in combination with modern production technologies, modern compositional and design solutions. It is like Ukrainian band "Dakhabrakha" among parquet brands. The traditions of woodworking are packed in modern technologies.

Persons & Concept

We took the key avatars from the target audience map of the Peck&Burl brand as a basis and metaphorically showed the emotion when the characters interact with the wooden floor. The key was to single out the insight relevant for each character:
- modern business woman, how she runs a household
- young couple - representatives of the young audience
- designer, representative of creative industries
- a business owner who has his own creative hobby - playing violin
- yoga teacher or a highly spiritual top manager who knows how to create a cozy romantic atmosphere at home

Peck&Burl customers are conscious, creative individuals for whom style and quality are important, but the most important thing is the added value of the product.

Developing Process

We got acquainted with the list of competitors and their web pages. In the context of working with visual content, we were interested in how to distinguish Peck&Burl flooring from other manufacturers. Despite the fact that all web pages differ in functionality, the content of manufacturers is quite similar and typical. We believe that it is important for a modern brand to build emotional contact with its audience. A brand is a person who has his own tone of voice and manner of communication, it is the emotionally colored content that conveys the values ​​of the brand and builds a loyal audience. Peck&Burl - does not sell wood and does not install parquet. The Pec &Burl brand creates a closed club of people who love authenticity. Peck&Burl is a socially responsible brand that acts as a mediator in the life cycle of a tree, filling homes with the energy of the forest.

We took a preproduced by Chicago IL Visual Studio BONER visual identity and developed anv Communication strategy around it. Final products were concept for media communication, concepto for materials and flooring, photoshooting and presentation, and website design. The main goal was to build a communication strategy with different customer groups through visuals connected to their lifestyle.


The main concept of our web design solution is simplicity and recreation of the material experience from the real world, incorporation of the real world activity into digital. So the Peck&Burl website is simple one page, with four stages of information. The most important is the third one, which represents the online catalog of wooden products and floors. We choose to use a fullscreen solution for the wood types presentation, it looks, like You are is holding the wooden piece in Your hands, just scrolling the type of flooring, colors and wood types, after You are done, You just need to click "Buy" and to fill the contact form. So the Peck&Burl team will contact You directly.