October 10th, 2021

Sharks & Sensors

Most of the shark's electromagnetic sensors are located on its head — in the front and lower sides of the muzzle, in the area of the nostrils and eyes. If you immerse 1 electrode of a finger battery in the sea, then a shark or stingray will feel the current to the second electrode immersed in water several kilometers from the first. Ampoules also react to mechanical stimuli. The basis for visual patterns are symbolic images of waves, on the one hand - graphic oscillations of an oscilloscope, which reflect the electromagnetic plane of waves. On the other hand, an analogy to a shark's fin.

Fix the Gadget - Fix The World

Is an refurbishing company placed in Lviv Ukraine. Icoola is responsible business around the idea of refurbished and renewed phones or gadgets. 100 professional engineers are working together to make our planet free of waste. Company is involved into green initiatives, like planting trees, but the main goal is to repair, renew, and resell used phones, which are fully checked by Ukrainian engineers.