Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival

Lviv Philharmonic
Poster Design
October 01th, 2016

The Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Lviv. Not only does it represent new Ukrainian music, but also new music from all over the world. The corporate colors of the Contrasts festival are “white-black-red”. The corporate identity of the Contrasts is strongly limited to those three colors, a very common combination. The goal was to generate something new with those colors, something unconventional … something live…

On the other hand, there is the word “contrast” there, specifically meaningful in the field of visual arts. Contrast can be high or low, depending on light itself. The program of the festival represents largely the same thing – some compositions are closer and other are farther to each other.

The main theme of the 22nd Contrasts Festival is “Trajectory of sound”. Here appears the triangle, which is one of the basic figures, while some sort of a triangle also appears in measurements of “trajectories of objects”.

The red led light under the triangle adds more or less contrast to it against the main backgorund of the poster. But the level of contrast depends not on the intensity of red led light itself (which is constant), but on the intensity of daylight. We can say that every minute of daytime this poster becomes different and this difference depends on our point of view.
Everyone should choose the right point of view for himself. Same with the music…