Lviv City Council
July 27th, 2023

The project of integration of several institutions of the city of Lviv into one system of connected institutions, which are open to external cooperation and networking. This is a gigantic project of renovation of urban spaces and revitalization of buildings that have incredible potential, but are in a terrible state. For a series of new urban institutions, it was necessary to develop a branding cluster that could extend to all other institutions, but also develop outwards, expand and grow like a certain rhizome.
The concept of rhizoma was invented by the director of the Radio House and Radio Garage Andrii Linik, an artist and cultural manager, together with Bohdana Brylynska, director of the UNESCO City of Literature Office.
In a rhizome, each cluster is independent and can grow on its own, independent of other parts. However, there is also an architectural component in the concept, and the very term NETWORK actually plays a role.
Customers wanted to use the letter Z as the main element of the network designation.
As a result, when these several components came together, the decision was to make a constructor with the simplest form - an element that in its essence combines the letters E, M and can also form Z. In the end, this simplest element of the constructor is bound to turn into a certain artifact that can be transmitted from a person to a person, as a merch and a declaration of participation in the network, all these elements can be combined with each other in various highly evolved rhizomes. The representation of the logo and patterns can be graphic, simple, or voluminous.