ZYVE Botanical Lab

ZYVE Botanical Lab
August 02th, 2021

150,000,000,000 km² - this is the land area of the Earth.

Decor and floristry studio in the body of a research laboratory.

This is a flower studio that expands horizons. Our employees are florists and researchers.
Laboratory ZYVE implements its experiments with fertilizers, flowers and vases. We buy used flower pots and restore them. We are looking for new types of fertilizers, experimenting with the colors of flowers. ZYVE is a unique store of flowers and truly exceptional vases in Lviv. We order our flowers in Europe, and the vases are grown with the addition of intergalactic technologies of the future. ZYVE is a jungle in the center of the city. You can get into the jungle in Lviv, just stop by for a coffee, or have your own siesta in the greenery. ZYVE cooperates with artists and artists, or craftsmen. In our space, music is played, we sell tableware, clothes, and decorative items, on the walls you can see a changing exhibition of artists, and on special monitors you can see the goodies of modern generative art.

Interior and facade.

The interior of the store-laboratory ZYVE works in contrast. Flowers and vases are in a contrasting cold environment.
Flowerpots are shaded by colored lighting - violet light from phyto-lamps and red neon light. The interior creates a spectacular mixture of a futuristic laboratory, which has been captured by plants and turned into a kind of jungle. The feeling of the jungle is created by the presence of huge used flowerpots, which are placed in the corners of the room, tightly filling the space. The facade of the store is densely overgrown with ivy, the names of the store can be seen from under the ivy, in a post-apocalyptic manifestation. The main thing here is not branding - the main plants. To enhance the visual effect in the evening showcase and during the day, in the store, we suggest using neon lamps, phyto-lamps and ordinary daylight lamps painted in appropriate contrasting colors, or in green to shade the color of the plants.

The inner courtyard

The inner courtyard of the store is the core of the communication strategy of the laboratory ZYVE . It performs a communication role for the social integration of business into the private area of Meccans. There is a dry bed in the yard, which can be restored by joint efforts. Narrow ivy on the walls of the courtyard can serve as a unique photo area, and the location itself can be a public area for laboratory events - master classes, lectures on floristry, biochemistry and astro-botany.


The logo itself is a futuristic hieroglyph composed of Cyrillic letters. This is a fragment of the Cyrillic script of the Slavs found in the future, which, under the influence of visual communication and more frequent Slavic-Asian contacts, began to transform into a futuristic iconic script. Logo is an image of a flower that grows from bottom to top in a sequence of letters, where the letter Ж symbolizes the root, the letter И - the stem, at the same time these two letters form a leaf, the letters B and E are the flower (bud) itself. The Gotham Pro Bold font is used for the logo.

The Artefact

Do you remember the stories about how during the 2020 quarantine, animals began to return to some cities. But why go far, in the years after the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, all living things began to grow... Such zones became more and more in the future, cities abandoned by people and whole regions were formed all over the globe, which were captured by wild nature. In the distant future, a new art was formed at the intersection of landscape design and interior design - a fashion developed to place so-called artifacts in one's apartments - fragments of the road surface or architecture, in which plants have sprouted. These fragments were carefully carved, processed and placed in homes as reminders of what humans are capable of.


Today, the main task of business is not the business itself, but the communication of openness and involvement in the processes of the city community.

Socially responsible business

We are building our own. Work with the community of the building, cultivation of the courtyard, master classes for residents. ZYVE looks like a socially responsible business.

Micro gallery and concert location

The extraordinary interior of the jungle is a great location for holding or recording musical events, especially at a time when online events are developing. Several walls can be used for small exhibitions of modern art.

Organism 2.0

Development of a live digital system. Artificial intelligence that will develop and grow. A joint project with a contemporary digital artist. According to legend, Organism 2.0 is an artificial intelligence that controlled the systems of the interplanetary ship ZYVE. After the emergency landing on Earth, the crew transplanted this intelligence into a suitable "earth pot". This artificial intelligence communicates with people through a video interface.

The shop window is a micro-world

A huge store window should serve as a theater for bold ideas. Seasons can change in this showcase. Pedestrians can observe the growth of plants - this is a good presentation showcase of the laboratory's activities. You can follow the stories from the showcase online, and it is most interesting to do it standing in front of it.