Lviv Design Capital Proposal Movie

Huchu Rayu Design Bureu
Lviv Convention Bureau
Communication Strategy
Video production
March 19th, 2021

European design awards were created to celebrate European design with all its regional distinctive elements as well as its common grounds. To facilitate european designers To meet, benchmark, be inspired and build networks. To promote and raise standards for communication design throughout europe. To properly honour and award people who invest their passion in design. To create a directory of european communication design excellence where design buyers from around the world will go to in search of collaborators.


Another edition of the design festival took place in 2021. Lviv Convention Bureau and Hochu Rayu Design Bureau formed an application and an initiative to submit to the capital of design. For this purpose, we created a presentation video in which we reveal the concept of how design month will take place in Lviv, when we hypothetically receive it. The idea and concept of the video belongs to Hochu Rayu Design Bureau. The development of the scenario took place in joint brainstorming with representatives of the Lviv Convention Bureau and the design focus group of Lviv designers.
Filming lasted a week, and covered locations in the city center and the creative hub at ZAVOD and at the Danylo Halytskyi airport. The essence of the video was to show the city branded in the colors of the festival, for this Hochu Rayu Design Bureau developed branding elements, entrances and exits from hotels in the form of structures, a modular reception desk. The video used a robot assistant developed by the Soft Serve company. We also showed small and medium-sized businesses in the factory itself, in particular the experimental laboratory BetaLab, which have a programmable robot arm at their disposal.
The video ends in Lviv's Dzyga. Like the central legendary cafe of Lviv.