JazzBez Animation

Culture Strategy Institute Lviv
Motion Design
December 6th, 2019

Jazz Bez is an international jazz festival that takes place annually in early December. The founder of the festival is the Art Association Dzyga. Every year, the Consulate of Poland in Lviv, the Polish Institute in Kyiv, the Cultural Center of Przemyśl, and the Koza Art Association join the organization of the festival.


The loop animation was created for the needs of the promotion for the Jazz Bez festival in Lviv. Jazz Bez is one of the oldest jazz festivals in Lviv, organized by Marek Ivshchyshyn and Mark Tokar, as well as the Dziga team. Today it is organized by the Institute of Cultural Strategy. The design for the 19th festival was developed by… Our studio created a moving loop animation of the branding, mimicking the look of neon lights in a nightclub. The flickering light of the lamps is accompanied by the crackling of halogens and neons. The project was made in After Effects.