Contrasts 2018

Lviv International Philharmonic
October 1th, 2018

The 2018 design for the festival of contrasts is a play on visual optical illusions and the non-standard colors of the festival - black, white and red. In this festival, we played with visual rhythms, which were later animated. We wanted to achieve the effect of vibration and shimmer, but also played with the combination of shapes and the juxtaposition of these objects and shapes, again thinking about the contrast of objects, not just color. For some solutions, we developed a series of posters referring to well-known optical illusions, it was supposed to be a series of posters that would keep the original pattern, but look like an exhibition of graphic works in the city, but the main design was chosen by the director of the festival Bohdan Segin, who eventually abandoned such a dynamic design in favor of a more established, standardized option. The basic design was eventually replicated on individual concert posters with a somewhat simplified look. A large image poster was located on the facade of the Lviv Philharmonic.