Contrasts 2017

Lviv International Philharmonic
October 1th, 2017

The second project for the Contrasts International Festival of Contemporary Music . 2017 year. Each time in the implementation of the design for the contrasts festival, we worked with the concept of contrast at different levels. The first is the colors. The festival has three colors - black white and red and the condition is to work only with these colors. However, the very concept of contrast is not limited to colors. Objects can also be contrasting, due to their shape, or due to volume and flatness, or due to coherence or sharp corners. Yes, Contrasts in the identity of 2017 is a play on two characteristics that are at the extremes of visual perception - a flat circle and a three-dimensional figure with sharp peaks. Placed together, they create antagonism and tension, the objects themselves are red, placed on a white background, for the special event Night of Contrasts, the objects received their specific nighttime representation.


The 3D object was implemented in Google Sketchup as a result of experimentation with shapes and angles.
For the 2017 festival, we produced merch prototypes, in single copies, and the Studio also organized a discussion event with the participation of Jan Topolsky, the discussion was about the state of Ukrainian and Polish contemporary music and the future development of grassroots initiatives.