Home 42

Lviv City Council
August 16th 2023

Home 42 is a building-institution, a constituent part of MEREZHA. The building is located on Rynok Square in a historic tenement house, so the activities planned by the institution are at the intersection of the modern and historical context. It is always working with memory, but rethinking it within the framework of modern visions and needs. Actualization of memory takes place through the most diverse forms of public events with the participation of artists, poets, and musicians. All events involve a clear performative and inclusive component.


The design for Home 42 is based on the construction-deconstruction of the logo, which is built from the MEREZHA genome. MEREZHA branding is basic for all institutions that are part of the ecosystem, however, the implementation of visual communication takes place within the framework of personal institutional storytelling. Thus, the Home 42 communication is based on the geometry of figures and the metaphorical reinterpretation of these figures. As a result, a certain comic is formed.