Bike Monet

Bicycle design
October 08th, 2012

The bike was made for one person who really likes Monet and probably wanted a bike. These are clays from a series of bicycle projects that can be considered regular physical exercises for the hands, a warm-up for creativity and a break from the routine. Each bike project was a boundary between study time and leisure time for me, and for several years I started the summer with a new bike project.


This involves finding a donor, or an abandoned bike, with all the necessary parts to create the project. Dismantling the bike and cleaning it of all the dirt, replacing worn parts, repainting the frame, which is accompanied by a trip to the production in the Lviv industrial zone, 100+ numbers of Horodotskaya and correct assembly. It is important to come up with a suitable name and build a project according to the name, using possible means at hand - usually it is an oracle and self-adhesive film, which was ordered somewhere in the area of Stryi Park, near the LemStation and the Medik pool complex at the Phoenix printing house. Stages and sequence are important here. I also want to do everything quickly, but at the same time stretching the pleasure moderately enough, the bike is made within a week. In this example, the work with the basket is worth noting, since it was eaten by rust, I redid it with the help of white lace, weaving the corner that was missing. The color of the frame is white, additionally the stickers complement the context with Monet's paintings.