Karamel Sound

Olha Turecka
Sound design
September 04th, 2015

At the request of Olga Turetska in 2015, I completed an order for sound design for her window installation in the window of the Lviv workshop Caramel on one of the streets adjacent to Rynok Square in Lviv. Turetska realized the design for the shop windows of the Caramel Workshop. At one of these storefronts, on the street... we decided to try an experimental format, to supplement the storefront with sound, so that all the static elements of the storefront felt moving. To implement this project, I used the field recording approach, recording the sound of the key elements depicted in the installation, people on Rynok Square, street musicians, and the tram. In fact, it was the first such sound showcase in Lviv. Musical accompaniment is often used to attract attention, but field recording produces a more moderate result. Although in the end, the sound part of the installation was dismantled, because a law was passed on limiting the sound background on the streets.

Karamel Sound