Grafix For German Book

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv
Print design/Illustrations
June 06th, 2008

One of my first works was a series of illustrations for the German educational building of the University of Warsaw. This is an educational book on the German language published by teachers of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, German Philology.


It was necessary to implement graphic visualizations for various activities within the educational process. Since in the German language, the play of words and letters DU is Germany Ukraine and the pronoun YOU, so I played with the personalization of the letters to form two characters from them that interact with each other and thus illustrate what needs to be done in the book. The characters differ in character and traits, as the letters themselves differ from each other. To implement this task, I bought my first graphic tablet, so that I could draw not with a mouse, but with my hand, I remember that the old Genius tablet did not function too smoothly with the old computer and it was very difficult to somehow put it all together, I had to draw with separate strokes, however, I was satisfied with the result at the time, it was, after all, the first graphic work. The book with these illustrations is still sold in bookstores and is used by German students in Ukraine