2023 marks the 130th anniversary of the birth of Roman Ingarden, a Polish philosopher whose life is closely connected with Lviv. Philosophical interests of Ingarden encompassed concepts, he worked on problems of phenomenology, ontology and aesthetics.

Ingarden's aesthetics aims at reconciling two trends in aesthetics: «objectivist» (focused on an object, a work of art) and «subjectivist» (distinguishing the experiences of the subject). In the philosopher's view, aesthetics deals with the study of the sphere of «the meeting of a certain living subject with a certain object». This meeting results in an aesthetic experience and the constitution of an aesthetic object, its members are: on the one hand, the artist or the recipient of art, on the other - an object.
◎ Monika Rogowska-Stangret / https://culture.pl/pl/tworca/roman-witold-ingarden


As part of Ingarden's anniversary celebrations in Lviv, the UNESCO City of Literature office together with the Association of Ukrainian Culturologists prepared several events, including the publication of a publication about Ingarden's figure based on data about him from related archival files and materials collected by researcher Olga Mukha. We designed the edition in A5 format, a pocket book, in the style of self-publishing with a very clear emphasis on the graphic component.
The booklet is part of the branding and derives from the concepts embedded in it, and it is primarily a play on the philosopher's last name. There is a famous meme about Ingarden sitting in his garden. Ingarden in garden.
We play off this floral theme in the cover design, which features plant rhythms and patterns that are essentially a collection of plant prints, as happens in herbariums. When you cover a book with a leaf, its silhouette can be reflected on the pages of the book.
Since there was a need to reduce the cost of the copy, all the pages are made in black and white, a certain textural and newspaper quality of the materials comes to the fore here, it is worth saying that the very essence of the materials corresponds to the context of old newspapers, photos, images of excerpts from the archives - all this creates a feeling of crossing time, as it is often done with trees in the garden, the past and the future cross, intertwine in this brochure.