Lviv International Symphony Orchestra

Lviv International Symphony Orchestra
Art Direction
January 2016 - December 2019

The Lviv International Symphony Orchestrais one of the best exponents of the fact that the Ukrainian cultural product is worthy of world recognition, and this is constantly evidenced by its cooperation with world-famous musicians and conductors. The quality of the music and high craftsmanship are the defining factors that distinguish it and, ultimately, provide flexibility in the choice of repertoire: from classical to jazz, from opera to musicals and popular music. This attracts soloists with world names who have successfully performed in INSO-Lviv concert programs, as well as conductors with whom the orchestra has a fruitful and successful cooperation.


The Orchestra has its long history, starting from the 90's as the international project and developed today into the professional Ukrainian orchestra which is taking huge part in the social and cultural life of Lviv city and Ukraine. Because Orchestra was founded in the 90-s, and it actually was not having any brand identity, in 2016 Iolanta Pryshliak director of the Orchestra decided to implement a set of complex actions to give the orchestra its proper digital and media presence.


We took responsibility for the media communication strategy and brand identity of the orchestra starting with the internal research - it was important to understand what is the vision of musicians - what they think INSO-LVIV really is. Simultaneously we started developing printed materials for European tours and the visual concept for posters. Logo concept was the result of interaction with musicians. Every orchestra is a complex network, You may say and Organism. Iolanta Pryshliak is often calling it the small model of the State. So the decision was obvious - we need to build our branding on the context of musicians. There are 7 main groups of instruments in the orchestra. With java developer Daniel Zabavchuk we firstly developed an Wordpress plugin which is reinterpreting every name an surname of the musician into set of numbers summing numbers of Name + Surname we have two Digits, which corresponding to the X Y coordinate system - Name is X, and Surname - Y, plugin is choosing randomly from the list of musicians, selecting 7 and places it on the mesh, drawing lines between, so the Logo appears. This procedure is being repeated every day, so we metaphorically presented the dynamic nature of the Orchestra. As there are more than 60 musicians there are about 778,789.439 combinations possible. In 2020 JS plugin was fixed and updated by Yuri Bulka and integrated into the new Website. It exports an SVG image which is easily editable in graphic software. As INSO needs many different types of materials, dynamic nature is preserved also for other materials such as poster illustrations, postcards or clothes.

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