Bike: Fast AEngel

Bicycle Design
August 5th, 2017

Fast angel is the latest project in the bicycle design series. In fact, this is the second version of this bike, based on the old rover of the French manufacturer Peugeot. The first version was made in the style of airbrushing with a black spray on the original frame in the color of metallic gray, but the second version is already a full-fledged project. White frame - the color was not chosen by chance.
I wanted to make the bike light and weightless, clean. It's true that bikes look good in photos and get dirty in use, but this initial the look was important conceptually.
The essence of the naming is a combination of the English and German versions of Fast Angel - in English - fast, in German - almost. We can say that these two words are actually synonymous. However, in English and German, the word angel is written with the initial A and E, and here again the philological game comes to the rescue - I use the Latin diphthong AE, which is actually read as E, but in this version it plays the graphic role of a double letter. All this together creates the effect of a rather refined aristocratic product, but here I use street plastic blue pedals, unusual for such bicycles, blue grips and blue covers for brake cables, the font is also written in blue oracle. Finally a saddle. It is a brown fuse leather saddle, with perforations, a third color and texture that enters into a dialogue with white and blue. In terms of functionality, I left the gear shifter on the frame here, which is quite common for this model and I like this switching process, it has something similar to a manual gearbox - archaic, but conceptual.