Bike: Postmodernismus

Bicycle Design
August 1th, 2016

Postmodernism - a bicycle converted from a Ukrainian tattoo frame, for dirt street. This frame was bought from a friend of mine who has seen a lot and will soon be 30 years old. For Postmodernism, I chose the most unexpected color that was available on the powder coat. The color of the stickers is also fresh and unexpected, light green, almost like the main color of Benetton, but the most interesting thing happens in the combination of colors - red pedals and blue grips, the eclecticism and combination of colors makes this rover as colorful as postmodernism itself. A long-winded name for a bicycle also creates a certain cognitive dissonance, and in general, this whole situation travestes bicycle design in his usual technological and hi-tech understanding. However, maybe this is just my opinion, nevertheless, the bike needed to be updated. The previous version of the design in the stickerbombing format was already outdated, and the stickers began to wear off. Characteristically, I used a road rover seat on this bike, which is completely out of line with the concept of street bikes, so there is a slight buffoonery here too. This is from the quote burlesque, babble, buffoonery. Bu-ba-bu, a Ukrainian literary formation from the late 1980s and early 1990s founded by Neborak Andruhovych and Irvants