Why do we have memory? It gives us the opportunity to see further, «standing on the shoulders of giants». It gives us the opportunity to achieve more. Memory is an action, a process. This is an organism. In order to live, it needs constant renewal and interpretation, without ever being absolute. Why these 11, you ask? We did not set ourselves the task of any comprehensiveness (after all, this is also a subjective concept). Instead, we wanted to show the diversity of creative personalities, their creative and life paths; what united them and what tragically separated them.

- Yuriy Bulka

The 11|XX project is an attempt to visualize some of the most important events in the lives of Ukrainian composers in the context of the important events of the last century in Ukrainian music, as well as the connections between the composers themselves. The visual part of the project forms three information levels:
Time: The dimensions of the white surface of each stand are a representation of the life span of each of the composers.
Events: Horizontal timeline - a list of the most important events in the music of the last century, vertical timelines - selected events in the life of each composer, some of the most important works of a certain composer are highlighted in the timeline with the appropriate color.
Connections: Cables indicate relationships between events and between composers.

- Myroslav Trofymuk

Critical Reception

As the project coordinator Yuriy Bulka said in a conversation with «Lvivska Gazeta», today it can hardly be said that the exhibition has a single author. Because we discussed what and how together. Another thing is that Miroslav Trofymuk visually gathered all the ideas together. Having chosen 11 iconic composers from the 20th century, starting with Stanislav Lyudkevich and ending with Myroslav Skoryk (although in fact there were much more of them over the past hundred years), the creators of the project showed in a completely non-standard way what the 20th century looked like for Ukrainian music from the point of view and general historical events, and the creative and personal destinies of individual figures, how it was all interconnected and what happened to it all. «We set a goal to breathe into the history of life», Yuriy Bulka said at a preliminary meeting with the press. - Because memory makes sense only when we interact with it. In order to live, it needs constant renewal and interpretation, without ever being absolute. This is our attempt and our invitation to the viewer to leave his usual comfort zone."

- Yaryna Koval