Narodowy Centrum Kultury
Gaude Polonia
Interview Shooting
Interdisciplinary research
February-July, 2017

[IN]DEPENDENCYis a way to show the links between Polish grassroots initiatives. individuals, projects, publishers, labels, organizations that often do not have formal status, teams that act on their own will, have visions, and embodying their ideas.

The Idea

These individuals create a grassroots level of Polish culture, which often left unnoticed, excluded from the context, often also on their own, wishing to remain independent. However, is it really easy to remain independent? What is the price of independence, what is the boundary between dependence and independence? The answer to these questions, I tried to look for in this project – the series of interviews reveals the aspects of the underlying activities of some Polish initiatives, but in addition to the philosophical aspect, it also provides clear and practical guidance, by way of example, about the obstacles faced by initiatives in their work . The work will be interesting for those who want to understand the world of grassroots initiatives more deeply. The project should be useful for those who intend to create a particular project. For cultural managers, the project will be harsh, as the “HOW TO?” instruction. The project [IN]DEPENDENCY is dynamic, aimed at development and cooperation, which means it will be expanded not only by my efforts, but I hope, by Yours, too.