We are an experimental design studio combining art, science, and technology to help people & brands tell their stories.

We do experimental and interdisciplinary design, apart of artistic projects and marketing consulting. It is important for us to create and multilayered solutions, based on Rennaissance mix of arts and sciense called also trivium and quadrivium. In our interpretation those libre arts are recombined into the system of soft skills developed on philology and history of literature, improvised electronic music and hard skills, such as visual arts and graphic design, marketing, 3d graphics, generative arts and software development.
Working more then ten years in Ukraine and with European partners, we have developed abbility to create smart balanced solutions, which are well suited for boath - stable environments and also for systems in so called "conditions of uncertainty". We don't use some specific guidelines to develop our best solutions, we are focussing on specific issues and constantly analyzing the social background to fit our visual and communication strategies into the actual reality.
So that's why we are also interested in grassroots movements, which actions and selforganization, we believe are important for the effective management of governmental oraganisations and bussineses, same as the street fashion fenomena is important for the fashion industry. We are deeply interested in digital technologies and also we are widely using the traditional approaches developed by craftmans and the context of the traditional ukrainian and classical european culture as the meaningfull background and solid underground for our ideas.
To keep it vivid You need to combine tech and experinece to tell the impressive story of the brand, project or person. We are working in field, rather than in studio. We go out to meet people, we travel to get familiar with new cultures, we are trying new cultural activities with the curiosity of a child. This is why we are so focussed on interdisciplinar solutions. We believe there is nothing impossible, You only need to be brave enough to make the step and come forward.
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Oleksandr Mykhed

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International Symphony Orchestra Lviv

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Museum Teritory of Terror

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Lviv's Center for Urban History

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Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

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The Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow

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NGO Lviv Culture Center

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NGO Unbeaten Path

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PEN International

Ukrainischer Deutschlehrer – und Germanistenverband

Zentrum Gedankendach

International Association for Neo-Latin Studies

Strefa Kultury Wtoclaw

Muzyka Centrum Art Society

Trzecia Fala

Pionerska Rec.


Meridian Czernowitz


Lysy Festival

Life Festival Oświęcim

Contrasts Lviv Contemporary Music Festival

Tetramatyka Festival

Vox Electronica Festival

Coloratura Workshops

Urban Workshop

Leopolis Jazz Festival


Klub Vinyl

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Symphony Solutions

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