The Profile

Lviv UNESCO City Of Literature Office
May 1th, 2021

The Goal

This is Branding for the Social Research made in Lviv in 2021. The Research goal was to understand the correlation between market, students, governmental and educational institutions in term of Culture Management and Cultural Science education.

The Profile

The Concept is an interplay between meanings of word /Profile/. In Ukrainian it means the shape of a head or face that is seen or drawn from the side», also «a brief written description that provides information about someone or something», but in the world of engineers there also is this «pipes profile» meaning. So we took the engineering context as the main visual language. There is this contradiction between Two Worlds - The World of Art and Culture and The World of Science. Or better say humanitarian and exact sciences. As Social Research is a very exact instrument, we choose to combine these two backgrounds into some eclectic experience.

We took very simple geometrical shapes to make them into human-shaped objects, which is also correlated with the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci. Whole branding visual language is playing with the contemporary rethinking of Renaissance Art. There are many particular elements and accents, which are representing specific parts of the project, or specific data. The visual language is basically the Infographics, but

Three Events and 3Dimentionalisation

There was three stages of Presentation. Every Design for the specific Stage was getting more developed - The Shape of the Profile was getting more and more three dimensional, as the metaphor of the data gathering, analysis and final statements. As the Profile occurs it is black and white, as the sketch it can be the metaphor for the Student being flat and without knowledge of his purpose. "In the Darkness we are all outline. Go Out and make Yourself Colorful". At the ent The Profile Shape is 3 Dimensional with all the data around, he is full of confidence.