INSO Orchestra Branding:
The Pin

INSO Orchestra
Communication design
August 21th, 2017

Branding for the INSO orchestra is our biggest project. The INSO Orchestra is also our client, with whom we have been working for the longest time. Since the orchestra had a long history and many components, we approached the process in great detail, studying the historical component and the opinion of the orchestra members, in order to understand the current situation in the orchestra. For the director of the orchestra, this project was of great importance, and she has a strong emotional attachment to the orchestra.


The final decision was influenced by many objective and subjective factors, so the process of approving the final branding went through at least 4 iterations and was introduced gradually since 2016. We approved the final branding with a dynamic logo in 2019?, but the predecessor was a design system based on the letters inso formed into a strange object, which we internally called a "paperclip", but this object with an Art Nouveau context combines elements of several musical instruments and in its essence, it also contains an element of dynamics. The object is transformed into an ornament to decorate a sheet of paper, for example, it is actually a telescopic ornamental object that can be transformed into an icon very effectively, it works elegantly in the context of a serious classical music ecosystem. The branding was approved in front of the entire orchestra and, as a result of discussion with a large number of people, was ultimately not approved.