Glissando Corridors

Fundacja 4.33
Communication Design
Art Exhibition
December 31th, 2023

Glissando Corridors []
A joint project of the Polish contemporary music magazine Glissando, the magazine Positionen and ... Ukrainian Corridors - the project is aimed at a wider contextualization of Ukrainian music through translations of articles written by Ukrainian authors or published in Ukrainian media. We have long-standing contacts with Glisando magazine. We collaborated both in the context of publications and in the context of a research project that I conducted within Gaude Polonium, in this project our collaboration touches on the context of visual representation. For the visual concept, we used the ready-made concept, but played it like a remix. We took into account objects of basic necessity, or artifacts that are in everyone's bag, or that were most needed by Ukrainians who moved to Ukraine. And they took this concept of humanitarian aid and relevant objects as the basis of the design. Each object relates to a specific person and arises from the story that is written in the article about a specific hero, thus a series of objects placed on a bright pink background appears, here we play with the aesthetics of 3D images, the aesthetics of retrofuturism of the late 90s, which, however penetrates modern art and even AI-generated graphics. Each such artifact is also an impossible object, one that has not yet been invented. But one that can fulfill a specific purpose. These are objects from the future, invented post-cargo artifacts, the meaning of which can be explained and understood, but not clarified. These objects are fully functional, but not in our reality, at the same time they can easily end up on the shelves of supermarkets or gas stations.