What Is Culture Short Movies

Culture Strategy Institute Lviv
Video production
April 14th, 2020

Cultural Strategy Institute (CSI) is a municipal institution established to coordinate the implementation and monitoring of the Lviv City Culture Development Strategy for 2025. Mission of the Cultural Strategy Institute: analytical support for cultural institutions and initiatives, enhancing institutional capacity and fostering the development of Lviv cultural centers’ potential.


In 2019, we produced a series of videos CULTURE CODE for the Institute of Cultural Strategy in Lviv, with the question How You understand Culture?. The concept of the videos, based on the curatorial idea of the managers of the institution, consisted in filming 10 short interviews in which the heroes - not involved in cultural activities, or the management tell how they understand the concept of culture. Among the heroes were a woman worker at a beauty salon, a doctor, a child, an employee of attractions in the Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Park of Culture in Lviv, photographer Kostya Smolyaninov, fencer athlete, Dzyga head of facility, saleswoman of an art shop on Virmenska Street in Lviv, and so on. For the videos here, we used a very simple setup with an octagon and an LED lamp. The video was shot on a Sony 6300 and a Taku AR 50 1.4 lens.