Vinyl Photos

Vinyl Klub Rzeszów
Event Photography
September-January, 2016

During 2016, I collaborated with the Rzeszów club Vinyl as an event photographer. The specificity of working in a club is a completely different schedule of life. Usually, work starts at 20:00 and lasts until 01:00. The features of such shooting are to become invisible, because you are in everyone's sight every day. Each such work differs from the previous one depending on the size of the club and its logistics. Vinyl is quite a small club, but it has a good reputation, which means that it gathers large volumes of people at top parties.


Practically for the photographer, this is both an opportunity and a difficulty, since there is very little room for maneuvers and movement in the club is associated with a constant search for ways to slip between people without losing shots. In the end, it all ends with the fact that for good shots you need to hang like a monkey in various unnatural poses from Renaissance paintings. During the first weeks, it is important to develop certain reference points that will work clearly and from which you get the right angles, when you have ready-made, practiced shots, you can start improvising, moving around the hall, looking for moments of atmosphere - people's emotions, or atypical strange shots. It is important for me to look at each field as if under a magnifying glass, this also follows from the fact that I use a 50 lens, which works like a 75 on the crop, but at that time I was using a 35, which was, accordingly, a 50. For a small club, this is an opportunity to capture quite close shots. After a year of work, I have formed a selection of several really bright shots that convey the atmosphere of the club and have a somewhat extraterrestrial mystical mood. Sometimes it seems that this is not the underground, but images of saints in the underground world.