Print Design
January 20th, 2017

The poster is a postmodern game with a photo taken at the Vinyl club, processed with pencil graphics to create a mystical feeling and practically cover the face of the hero in the photo. Also here the use of a combination of a three-dimensional and a flat object, which is a red circle, together these two objects, a green photo and a red spot, play with each other with colors, a strange white frame and a simple techno inscription are added to the composition, the letter o of which is frame limits. The information on the poster alternates between white and red.All this looks like a retro-futuristic image, but here it combines the photography of the graphic artist, it is mixed techniques. It often happens that in a certain design you can feel some patterns, even rather a certain mood that comes from another design, in this case the look of this poster resembles the cover of the Peter Lipa & Luboš Andršt Blues Band album Blues Office. Maybe there is something Japanese in it.