Symphony Communication

Symphony Solutions
October 1th, 2019

Symphony Solutions is a Dutch based, agile driven company delivering full cycle digital development services.
Symphony Solution naming is evidently bound with musical context. The vision of IT company as a symphony orchestra is philosophically strong and vivid. This context changes the perception of a work, of a coding process.
Friendly office environment gives the feeling of coziness and home. Strong values are the main HR filters, that's why the big percentage of Symphonyans are interested not only in coding, but also in arts and culture. Symphony Solution is supporting some musical initiatives in Lviv. So my idea was to play with the context of music and coding, and to go a little bit further and deeper into their "We write code like music".


In 2018, I worked as a marketing designer at Symphony Solutions, a company that develops digital solutions. The company was entering the Polish market and needed to refresh its branding, so they were looking for different concepts for its development. I proposed my solution for brand communication, based on the name of one of the php frameworks, but also consistent with the company culture based on the integrated coexistence of all employees and interested in comprehensive cultural development.

In my communication strategy proposals, I emphasized playing with basic code contexts and musical accents