New life for old things. A series of interview clips dedicated to fashion designers and craftswomen who make products from recycled textile materials, restore shoes, paint or decorate old clothes. Each heroine has her own approach to creating clothes, accessories and jewelry. We worked on the production of videos for several months in a team led by director Volodymyr Shurubura, and subtitling and motion design teams.


The studio was engaged in shooting and editing videos. Three people were involved in the process. Implementation of installation of 10 videos covered time within 1.5 months. Sustainable fashion is a current trend, which is based on the context of recovery, repair, re-stitching, and changing the intended use for each individual wardrobe item. Added value to old things can be given through artistic decoration, clothes are sewn from garbage, or wrapping, all of this is closely related to the DIY culture. When a personal desire and ability to express oneself turns an outdated, boring subject into an updated, promising and desired one. Often such work is done to order, even more often there is an opportunity to learn it yourself, for example, to weave carpets from T-shirts, or to create jewelry from wooden beads painted in different colors. The task of the videos was to show each separate world of such an artist who works in his unique technique and to film material on the basis of which the audience can learn to independently create similar materials at home, so the videos were a combination of static interviews and detailed instructions for creating independent products, here we followed the filming of details and step-by-step instructions that were filmed live.