State Museum of Natural History (Lviv)
Video Editing
May 31th, 2017

Sound Becomes Life is a collaborative project developed together with our Ukrainian partner, The State Museum of Natural History in Lviv. In the combination of culture and natural sciences, the resulting interdisciplinary result has the opportunity to creatively interpret the theme of evolution in a completely unique audiovisual way; this is exactly what our project, Sound Becomes Life, set out to do.

Musicians from Swinging Europe as well as a connected media artist and researchers from The State Museum of Natural History in Lviv created an audiovisual experience that interpreted evolution through music and visual accompaniment in the form of two live performances that took place on the 27th of May in the Textile Museum in Herning and on the 31st of May in Lviv, Ukraine.

The concerts were performed by 5 young musicians from Denmark aged 15 and 25, together with musician and composer Signe Bisgaard.


In 2021 City of Lviv was taking part in 100 Years of Lem birth Celebration in Poland. Together with Katowice, city of music Lviv managed to implement and international project - two grafiti artist groups - Vitali & Serhiy Grekh from Ukraine and Kopaniszyn Studio from Poland were drawing an huge mural during the two weeks, their murals were connected with few visual quotes, they are in dialogue, but also the main subject of two murals are characters from Stanislav Lem stories.
Our team was filming the process of painting. Two weeks of timelapse photography and drone shooting during the creation process on one of the wals at Lem Station Contemporary Art Hub were combined into the video documentation and mixed with the documentation from Katowice.
Additionally we prepared an openning event. The main title of the event was the quote by Stanislav Lem "We don't need the paralel worlds, we need mirrors". So our team decided to go into this mirrors topic and to place 100 mirrors at the teritory neer the mural, and on the Lem Station. For that purpouse we used big 2 metters tall mirrors and metal constructions, which are often used at construction side. Mirrors were placed, as the coridor, and under the mural, two mirror wals were placed vis-a-vis to make an "corridor" optical illusion effect and sometimes the curved mirror effect appeard. We also used smoke and led lamps to make the place look more space-ish.
From the musical side it was an combination of experimental improvised ambient patterns combined with the deconstructed interview with Stanislav Lem, with his philosophical reflections about paralel worlds, society evolution, interconnection betwean art and science and so on.