Rafa Identity: Wings Full of Holes

Rafa Identity
Video production
March 4th, 2018

The music video for the composition of Rafa Identity: Wings full of holes is our second work with the musician. Rafa Ivinsky is a composer-guitarist from Rzeszów, who works in the synth wave, pop-rock context.


We shot the second music video for the song Wings full of holes not far from Ryashev in one of the industrial hangars. The style of Rafa's clips work with lighting effects. We set this style from the first photo session, working with a projector in the Vinyl club in Rzeszów. Wings full of holes has a somewhat noir atmosphere, compared to the Sci Fi dreamy atmosphere of the first clip. This video also features Rafa's daughter, who plays the role of a ghost girl who suddenly appears and disappears. Rafa himself writes the scripts for his works, but I later interpret this script according to the location, based on the available light and the shooting location, so the final product is a symbiosis of the musician's vision and my improvisational experimental impulse at the time of shooting. All objects from the video are Rafa's personal belongings, which we collected at his home, some props he collected from his friends. We used stylized angel wings in the shooting, which were previously used in the nativity scene in Lviv. All this creates a somewhat sick creepy atmosphere. We hesitated about choosing between color and black and white, but the black and white version ended up conveying the essence of the story much better without distracting with unnecessary details.