Rafa Identity: Photosession

Rafa Identity
Photo Shooting
July 15th, 2016

Photo sessions for the Rafa Identity project are work with photo-visualizations, as sketches, coloring for portraits. This is our original technique in which portraits are taken in a dark room using projections. I would call it a certain premonition of the emergence of text models and artificial intelligence. Trying to create an image in an analog way as if in a digital environment.


For Rafa, we selected a list of images that were used in the shooting, later it was a matter of a technical approach to the realization of the shooting. First of all, it was shooting using double exposure, shooting in motion, creating experimental images. We made sets from several sets to illustrate possible compositions separately, or to create a certain multi-stage story. We worked in the WSIiZ photo studio, using minimal technical support. The main thing was to try many combinations in order to later choose the most interesting results, which were both dynamic and revealed the multi-layered context of the Raf Identity project, actually its polymorphous identity, at the intersection of synthpop, dreaminess, and technology.