Rafa Identity: Pandemic Concert

In 2021, we also edited the pandemic concert of Rafa Identity, which was filmed at the Rzeszów Royal Albert Studio. Rafa approached us with the offer to edit this performance. In fact, this concert is a certain quintessence of the work of Rafa Identity and his material, which was focused in a multi-layered audiovisual product. With all the bright and noir visualizations, variety of images and performers - Albert J. as ALBERT J, Johnny De Niro as JOHNNY de NIRO, Mr Incognito as MR INCOGNITO, Rafa Iwinski as RAFA IWINSKI.


This is a rich material that reflects the essence of Rafa's Identity project. We edited the long live concert in several layers, supplementing the main material with visualizations prepared by Rafa in advance. When editing such concerts, it is always important to feel the dynamics, understand the rhythm, and in addition to high-quality shots and angles, you must also follow the development of the compositions. In a certain way, the editing of such videos is a joint stay with musicians on stage and inclusion in their music. To convey the atmosphere of a concert, you need to become this concert yourself, no matter how punning it sounds.