Rafa Identity: Beauty From The Dream

Beauty from the dream is our first work with Rafa Iwiński. The story of the clip is a relationship with a non-existent dream person or ex-wife. Throughout the clip, Rafa's hero tries to catch up with this woman, to find her. It is not known for sure if this is all his fantasy or if it takes place in some possible future.


At the end of the clip, it turns out that the hero finds himself alone. It is possible that it does not exist either. Filming took place in the premises of the Vinyl club in Ryashev, with which we cooperated in 2016. Thanks to the dark walls, we were able to work with visualizations and projections. Here, the selection of material was important, which we carefully sifted before shooting according to the plot described by Rafa. Working with visualizations and a projector is a consequence of our initial concept of photography, which we performed in the studio of WSIiZ University in Rzeszów. The photo set for Rafa's project was a work with a series of projections. Here we continued this concept, using found footage to illustrate certain parts of the story.