PRO100GRILL Movies

Communication strategy
Video production
August 29th, 2021

Pro100Grill is an innovative establishment that specializes in cooking brisket, a special type of meat processing, in a large barrel that several friends have cooked independently with their own hands. The establishment was founded by several friends who live near Lviv, so they also opened the location on the way out of the city, not far from suburban buildings.


The task of the studio was to create a series of videos to position Pro100grill in the market and document their participation in the Street Food So Good festival. We recorded a mini-series that reveals several aspects - preparation for the holiday, meat preparation, the festival itself and shows what makes brisket special. As part of the work of the studio, we also conducted a marketing consultation and produced several objects - this is a stylized menu board and the design of the location at the festival. For some, briquettes with hay were used.
We also conducted a search for appropriate clothing, decor elements, and provided photo and video recording of the event itself.
First of all, it was about forming the voice of the brand and creating a communication strategy that would speak to customers and talk about the uniqueness of brisket. There were no analogues of this product in Lviv, but there were several similar grills that attracted customers. In a short period of two weeks, we implemented such communication media support for the institution, creating basic content that the company was able to replicate later.