Pragmatic Flag

Product design
August 1th, 2014

After the start of Russia's war against Ukraine, I had a desire to create a patriotic message that would show the skeleton of the Ukrainian flag, without referring to the colors. Color often disperses, distracts from the essence, at the same time, color is an integral part of the flag, the flag does not exist without its color representation, after all, the technologies and customs of the 21st century from the creative industries helped me shift the emphasis from color to its digital hex representations.The name Pragmatic Flag is a spell, a suggestion and an attempt to focus attention on practical, effective, effective patriotism, instead of populism and embellishment and unnecessary pathos.
The pragmatic flag, however, in fact, is not entirely pragmatic, because the coded colors are understandable only to designers and visual connoisseurs, for most people it is an incomprehensible code, which is still difficult to verify by reading a person passing by, it is difficult to write down all the numbers.
So in a way the message remains veiled, unspoken, inaccessible to most people, due to lack of experience. Maybe it turns out that we need a little pathos and loud words to voice patriotism, and maybe basic design knowledge should become part of the basic school curriculum? Questions beget new questions.