Poster Absolvenci WSIiZ

University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow
Print design
July 1th, 2015

For the WSIIZ Alumni Club Gala poster design, I chose the standard bifurcation of blue and red as a reference to the colors of the magnet, which we also see in the area of ​​the infinity-like icon, which is actually a combination of the two letters C and O, as well as the letters T and I.
In the title, the overlapping of two almost 90% identical words with different endings is played - graduates speak to graduates, however, these two words differ in different forms, some have been in the club for a long time, others are just joining it.These are generally similar people - graduates and female graduates, they are similar in everything except the ending - here is a play on words, also in the Ukrainian language the word ending is used as the end of a word, but it also means the end of the educational period.Profiles of graduates correspond to the same context. On one side we see older men in suits, on the other a young guy who has obviously just finished his studies, the very outlines are created with the help of threads, red and blue divided threads, which are similar to the designation of arteries in biology textbooks.
The whole composition conceptually plays on such analogies of blue and red. A circulatory system that works as one organism, a magnet that connects one and the other, words that merge together.