Pidzamche Nareshti Video Series

Center for Societal Innovations
Communication strategy
Video production
July 13th, 2021

Pidzamche is one of the oldest districts of the city of Lviv with a very ancient history. The Palace of Khotkevich together with the NGO Center for Societal Innovations created the promotional project Pidzamche, Pidzamche at last, which was aimed at the qualitative revitalization of the district with the participation of the residents of the district. This included public discussions and improvement planning, at least on several levels, public cooperation, but primarily for the consolidation of residents. The area is currently being rapidly built up and renovated, the infrastructure is being updated, so it was also worth raising the awareness of the residents about the history of the area and about the importance of preserving certain areas as monuments. It is also interesting that the Pidzamche district, which despite its clear wards, does not have clear boundaries and flows smoothly into the central part of the city, which creates many disputes between residents - who should be considered a Pidzamche.


So, in order to create a balanced vision of Pidzamche and as part of its branding, which was carried out by Vitaliy Shidei and a group of master class participants, we compiled a list - a network of people with whom we talked about Pidzamche and compiled a certain cloud of ideas of visions of concepts of the past and future of Pidzamche. Videos were shot during the six months of the project and we tried to show different locations of the district itself, so the geography of filming is quite wide. From modern apartments to old abandoned yards. In our opinion and the opinion of the project curator, such a cut is as honest as possible.