Paradzanov Fest Movie

Lviv City Council
August 20th, 2016

The first video project was implemented for the Department of Culture of the Lviv City Council. Filming in the newly created cultural center Suputnik.
The first festival of Parajanov in Levandivka. A multi-year event that united artists from Armenia and Ukraine, as well as local Lviv artists who implemented their projects on the territory of Sputnik.
I shot a video during the week of events and edited a collage of the most interesting moments from it. In fact, it is an improvisational cinema of moving images, shot in the field, as if field recording only in video format.The complexity of such shootings lies in the burden on the post-production process, since all the filmed material needs to be sorted and a story-narrative made of it, which will have a common canvas and events in which will be connected to each other in some logical string.
The editing of such films takes a very long time, since it is a manual selection of pictures and an associative combination of meanings. Experimental techniques were used in the filming, including work with lenses.