Lviv Contemporary Music In Wroclaw Culture Capital

Print Design
April 20th, 2016

In 2016, Wroclaw was the European Capital of Culture. On this occasion, Wroclaw allocated an entire month of culture for Lviv, the partner city, during which events from the Lviv context took place in the Proza club. As part of this month, Bohdan Segin and Yurk Bulka and I and the Lviv Contemporary Music community organized a presentation program of Lviv contemporary music.
Here we have shown a spectrum of compositions and composers from academic music to underground electronica.For this event, we prepared a booklet that contains information about all participants and actually had to work as a promotional booklet for artists after the festival, it was such a booklet in which you could find the most important participants of the Lviv electronic and electroacoustic scene.
The cover of the booklet plays with spaces - several musicians are sitting at tables, cables are laid between them, and equipment is standing around them. It's all taken from above. I wanted to create a reality within reality here. The feeling of a certain tiny world that we carry with the help of this book and share it with people who will pick up this booklet.
A special context here occurs in relation to font games, the combination of font letters in each language version is different.