Lviv Congress of Culture PhotoAndVideo

Culture Strategy Institute Lviv
Video production
Photo Shooting
October 11th, 2019

The Culture Congress in Lviv is a discussion platform for a professional critical review of the cultural process. The event will take place once every two years. This is an event for representatives of the cultural sphere aimed at the development of the cultural environment of Ukraine. The Congress of Culture will have a new theme every time, corresponding to the requests of the industry and social processes. It will unfold thanks to two permanent components — discussion and art. The idea of the congress-biennial is a reaction to the lack of stable discussion platforms for a comprehensive and deep analysis of cultural realities in Ukraine. The format of the congress corresponds to the basic goals of the Culture Development Strategy of the City of Lviv 2025, the implementation and monitoring process of which is coordinated by the Institute of Culture Strategy, a municipal institution established in Lviv in 2018.


In 2019, the Congress of Culture organized by the Institute of Cultural Strategy in Lviv took place. Congolese culture was aimed at mapping the current cultural discourse in Ukraine and defining the main points, painful areas for the cultural sector and deciding the directions of development. Such a congress was actually the first event aimed at preparing the environment for new challenges and contexts related to the selection of the capital of culture. And in general, it created a bridgehead for strengthening the position of the city of Lviv as the capital of culture. Actually, the Congress was a continuation of the cooperation between Wroclaw and Lviv, after 2016, in the framework of which the baton was passed from Wroclaw to Lviv in the context of preparation for the UNESCO Capital of Culture. Lviv was part of the Wroclaw Capital of Culture and had its own fixed program co-organized by Dzyga and Lviv City Council. Our studio performed photo and video recording of the event, which is the recording and photography of three parallel panels and the dynamic distribution of materials every day. The result is registration of panels and photo-fixation of the main moments of the Congress. The task was performed for the Institute of Cultural Strategy in Lviv.