Lost Childhood Video

Museum Teritory of Terror
Video production
December 18th, 2021

Territory Of Terror - Memorial museum of totalitarian regimes

A municipal institution whose task is to explore, comprehend and present the tragic pages of the history of the mid-twentieth century. in the context of modern challenges. The creation of the museum was initiated by the Lviv City Council in 2009. The construction of the museum complex lasted during 2014-2016.
◎ Monika Rogowska-Stangret / https://museumterror.com/

Lost Childhood

The XX century is rightfully considered to be the era of totalitarianism. Alternately, the Nazi and communist regimes used mass violence against their opponents, separate social groups, and entire communities to achieve ideological, political, and geopolitical goals. The repressive practices of both systems had total character and covered almost the whole society: men and women, old and young, adults and children. Out of all the victims of totalitarian violence, children were perhaps the most vulnerable group. Considering their psychological characteristics, they were extremely saddened by imprisonment, deportations, loss of relatives and home, etc. In addition, children were the subject of political genocide. Until recently, children were a marginal object of historical research. Their experience of surviving under the extreme violence circumstances has not been of much interest to historians and the general public.
◎ Lost Childhood / https://lostchildhood.org.ua/en/news/the-concept-of-the-project/


The video clip for the Museum of the Territory of Terror, our studio realized at the end of 2021, is one of the last studio projects before the emigration. The video illustrates the process of preparing the Lost Childhood project - it is a collection of testimonies of the children of the Second World War about their memories of the pre-war period and the war period. Entire interviews will be included in the museum archive, we used several quotes that became the leitmotif of the video. Now, from the perspective of two years of war in Ukraine, this project seems prophetic, as well as the Signals for the Office of the City of Literature project, its first version. The filming mainly used a drone, which we used to film the courtyard of the museum in slow motion, and elements of the trains that sent the prisoners to the camps. Monuments to Soviet figures and elements of symbols, which are taken there for storage, are also stored on the territory of the museum. All this together with shots of the interior of the museum and shots from the opening of the Lost Childhood presentation project took place in Prague, we created a story about this project, telling also a part of the stories of individual participants.