Fiction Week In The City Of Literatureg

Lviv UNESCO City Of Literature Office
September 11th, 2020

The project of the UNESCO City of Literature Office Fiction Week. The event is centered around fantastic stories from around the world and Ukrainian fiction.


After looking at a number of futuristic designs, we decided to choose a design that has one foot in the context of retrofuturism and the other in a fairly modern, but still not new concept of pixel art. For this, we used applications to create pixel art, which was a new experimental experience. It is important for us to discard tools that were previously known and the result of which can actually be predicted, and to use completely unknown new tools. In a certain way, this increases the time spent, but it makes it possible to create a result that is more unexpected and innovative for our practice. In this situation, it is a series of illustrations realized in a minimalistic manner, as well as animation realized in pixel art. The main illustration is implemented as a collage of a spaceship placed in the context of the old Drukarska street, which creates a rather postmodern retro futuristic look that plays with the high-tech, low-life context. Key objects from several fantasy books are played in the illustrations - between Lovecraft, Gogol, Bradbury, Aryenev and Aizmov.